The Pleasures of an Un-mowed Lawn

Here I am, back at Calboccia in late April. I hear that it hasn’t rained in the area for two months, yet all is green – the trees, the foliage of our sixty-some rose plants, and the grass of our lawns. The Umbrian green calms my eyes and soul, but amidst the green, there is plenty of white: that of the little daisies (Bellis perennis) and of the Stars of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum). I am going to fend off the gardener for a couple more weeks to let green and white and purple (wild thyme, making up a good portion of the lawn above our Essiccatoio) last a bit longer!Narcissus.jpgDaisies.jpg


About christinemargerum

As a part-time community-college instructor, I have a double life: working and living a wonderful life in the U.S. 's best town ever (Berkeley); and living and working in the wonderful Umbrian countryside whenever I can. Husband Terry and daughters Ingrid and Nina play along.
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