Guest Comments 1991-1993


“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your paradise with us! The word of the week was ‘WOW!’ … I don’t know words that can truly describe this place and the people here, but I know that you know how incredible it is. It’s going to be quite difficult to find an equally great place for our next meeting … Take care. Thanks again,….”

“We really enjoyed our stay at Calboccia…The house lived up to all our expectations and the views exceeded them. Mark and I loved it so much that we were tempted to stay on and look for property ourselves … Looking forward to the next trip, Sincerely,…”
J. O.

“It was a pleasure staying at Calboccia. It’s a very special place…Again, thanks for making Calboccia available to us. Best regards,”
R.L. and S.M.

“For the last year I have been working as an assistant to Morley Baer in Carmel. I was fortunate enough to be along on the workshop this past summer in Umbria. Now that my tenure is up, and I am returning to other things, I wanted to take this opportunity to send you the enclosed photographs, and to thank you for making us all feel so much at home at Calboccia…. You have an absolutely incredible place, and I can only imagine how difficult it must be not to spend all your days on that hilltop. In the mornings when the fog blanketed the valley floor, it was as if we were above the world. The sunsets we watched while sipping Chianti on the terrace were worth the trip in itself … Thank you for recommending Dada and Claudio’s restaurant. While the majority of our group was in Firenze for a weekend, Morley, I and one other of our group had an outstanding meal at ‘La Chiusa.’ It was the best meal in a month of culinary wonders. Finally, I want to tell you how great Sestilio and Charlotte Polimanti were to us all. They not only told us which gelaterias and restaurants to visit and how to get to them, but they also gave us great advice and directions to some wonderful small towns where we found many great photographs. I do hope you enjoy the photographs. Thank you again for Calboccia. I hope you and your family have plenty of time to enjoy that magical place. Very truly yours, …”

“I can’t tell you how often I think of Calboccia and what a magical time we had there. Jan, I picture you there and wonder how the sunsets are, if the nightingales are still singing at midnight, and whether the meadows are being plowed … This letter is just to say how much both Kirk and I and the children enjoyed getting to know Sestilio and Charlotte and their children and to say again we hope they will visit us here some day … We really would like to have you over for dinner when you’re back in California. CIAO.”

“We had the most wonderful vacation at Calboccia. You have a beautiful house, superbly outfitted and in a gorgeous location. Thank you!”


“We so enjoyed Calboccia! From there we explored so many hill towns, Venice, Florence, and Pisa. The wildflowers were magnificent! …Regards, ”


“I wanted to just drop you a note to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay at Calboccia. It was a small foretaste of heaven. The house was wonderful, the countryside was both beautiful and interesting, the way of life made me very envious and the people we met were charming. They were so patient with these four idiotic Americans and their ludicrous attempts at conversing in Italian! … The high point of our stay was the chance to meet Sestilio and his family. You are lucky to have them as friends. The children were marvelous. I played soccer with Axel, displaying the only Italian I know, gained from watching Italian league soccer on Channel 26 every Sunday. He was clearly baffled that someone who barely knew the words for ‘hello’ and ‘good-bye’, knew ‘goalkeeper,’ corner,’ and ‘free kick’! … Calboccia is terrific. You have done a magnificent job of restoring it. As an architect myself, I know that it is not easy to make an old building comfortable by modern standards, yet retain its integrity. When we get our pictures sorted out, I’ll send you some of those I took of the house- they might be nice for your scrapbook. Cordially,”

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