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The “Essiccatoio” is a separate two story building. It was once the farm’s barn. We have restored it so that it has an overall size of more than 1100 square feet, including two terraces. There are upper entrances as well as a lower entrance. The upper level has an open floor area design, with an L-shaped kitchen, writing desk, dining area, and an L-shaped reading nook, with fireplace and upholstered built-in chestnut corner-bench.

Essiccatoio Interior The upper level of the “Essiccatoio” opens out onto private terraces, with lovely views on all sides. The staircase takes you to the downstairs living area, which consists of a large master bedroom suite, sleeping two. In addition to the sleeping and sitting areas, the lower level includes another writing desk, large walk-in closet, and a large full bathroom. The “Essiccatoio” has a washing machine and a dishwashing machine, central heating, as well as the fireplace and an antique “stuffa in cotto”, or terra cotta wood-burning stove, which is located in the master bedroom suite. The house also has double-pane insulated windows and doors. I have stayed in the “Essiccatoio” in the winter months, reading by the fireplace, enjoying the house’s warmth and cozy feeling. Essiccatoio bedroom

Both houses are fully furnished, with beautifully restored country furniture, linens, hair dryers, irons, electric current converters, and radio/tape/cd players.

Please contact, if you would like additional information.

Thank you for your inquiry.


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