Guest Comments 2008 – 2010

My wife and I stayed here for our honeymoon.  We live in New York City, so this was a very relaxing and tranquil retreat. Also, we are both big fall/winter people, so this was the perfect time of year – fires in the fireplace every night.  One of our recurring highlights here was the food, which was simply fantastic.  The restaurant/agriturismo at the bottom of the hill is very good, run by a British/Milanese couple, who are quite friendly.  Also be sure to try Gelsa Nonna in Niccone, which does a very nice job at combining subtle and unexpected flavors.  Be sure, too, to do some grocery shopping in the smaller establishments.  The COOP is very good and convenient, but it is rewarding to go to the smaller shops where you can talk to the local inhabitants. We got some bread, cheese, salami and wine at an alimentary in Umbertide old center, and the proprietor was so friendly and helpful (not much English, though – good chance to practice your Italian!).  P.S.

My husband and I have stayed in this charming home for two weeks.  We have roamed the Tuscan countryside, visiting all the nearby villages on day trips.  Enjoyed learning the Etruscan history. On a two-day trip to Pisa, stayed overnight at a winery in Radda – visited Siena and Chianti area.  Went to Florence two days – the autostrada makes the trip easy.  Had dinner at La Chiusa, fun with Masha, Christine’s friend.  Shopped at the COOP.  Met many locals.  Cool enough to have fire place two nights.  Stefania has been wonderful!! We came into Rome, stayed two days before coming here – so we were able to see most all the sites there.  We leave knowing there is so much more to see – and hope we can come back someday.  B. and M. P., Jacksonville, Florida

Nine family members from the U.S.A. spent a week here.  We loved the setting, toured Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio and Cortona and hiked the E50 Roman trail.  We had two dinners brought in by Amore Sapore (excellent!).  We will pass along good words about Calboccia!

It is so beautiful –what you have accomplished with the “stone shell” that you acquired some time ago, the views from every door and window.  All nine of us enjoyed delicious meals around the tables an the lower level.  Delightful evenings around the enormous fireplace.  Thank you so much for sharing your home!! – The W.s, CT, USA

Thank you for sharing your piece of paradise! – N. and E. D., Boise, Idaho, USA

The H.s and E.s had a wonderful week.. Calboccia is, indeed, a small piece of paradise.  Serene, beautiful and wonderfully relaxing. The views across the valley ion the morning glow are lovely and the evening sunsets are just as beautiful. Our time here has been truly special.  Thanks for sharing this unique place. B., J., and “the gang,” G., H., C., E. and E.

Thank you fro creating such a special place and your words of advice of things to do and places to explore.  We had such a lovely time.

We were very lucky to be in Italy at the same time as the H.-E.s.  You have a beautiful place.  E.E. and C. M.

We fell in love with Umbria and with your beautiful home.  We savored every moment from coffee on the first patch of sun on the deck to the sweet afternoon breeze through the bedroom windows. Exploring Umbria was a delight, from an unexpected rustic bench (found while hiking) in the midst of a field of wildflowers, to a herd of sheep munching grass in an adjacent meadow.  We soaked up the culture’s rich artistic treasures and lingered over long meals of wonderful food.  Thank you for sharing your hilltop haven. We are sad to leave this “separate peace” and will look for an opportunity to return again.  Bellissimo – With gratitude C., M., and E. A.  PS You have done a beautiful job restoring this property and the love you put into it is apparent in every detail.  Grazie mille.

A lovely time as the guests of C. and M. A.  Sun, rain, birdsong boiling pink cloud sunset over the valley, two porcupines bristling in the dark, crossing our  drive on the way home from another delicious meal in the neighborhood.  We hope to return. Many thanks for wonderful Calboccia! J. I. and C.B., Santa Barbara

Our stay at Calboccia exceeded all our expectations.  What a beautiful, marvelous, extraordinary place.  It was worth the twenty years wait!  We have made many lasting memories for our family.  We hope to come again (before another twenty years!)  We will be sure to recommend you to all our friends!  Love, C. and family

Thank you.  Wherever the eye roams, serenity and beauty.  We are leaving both refreshed and revitalized – the miracle of repose. We won’t forget Calboccia.  S.K, J.K., Z.K., and A.K.

We have enjoyed our time in Calboccia greatly.  There were six of us staying here and then our children have met us here for the last four days of the trip.  Everything was wonderful – just magnificent.  The views, the towns, the house.  It has been a week that will be remembered forever in our memory and we will be sure to return and bring others to see this truly great gem.  Grazie! The C.s and the C.s

We had a great holiday here.  Highlights to share:  Eat at Nonna Gelsa in Niccone.  The mix of locals and tourists is just right. Drink bottled wine as the house stuff is down home! The panna cotta is great! – Gelateria:  the one opposite the hexagonal church in Umbertide is the best, the greatest array of flavors and generous portions!! – Montone:  This town/village is lovely and the central square is like a film set with plenty going on (great for photographers!) – Castiglione del Lago: fab place to visit on Lake Trasimeno.  Lots to see (another photographer’s dream).  Take the ferry to the Isola Maggiore; both the ferry ride and the island are great. – Restaurant Gritti: Reasonable food but nice people and great to sit outside in the sunset.  Their wine tasting is well worth it; more of a wine appreciation than a tasting, but led by a knowledgeable man who is a native English speaker. – The market in Umbertide (pronounced “Umberteedee,” we discovered after our first week) is great for table cloths etc. – Stefania’s cooking is excellent; she will also work around your tastes. – Citta’ di Castello:  Eat at “Amici Miei,” just off the main square; can be combined with a trip to their (smaller) market. – Gubbio is a great place (more photography!)  Fantastic pizza at Ballestra (also seating outside). – Wines from Gritti are great; their house red is well worth the 6 Euros. – So, as you can see, we enjoyed every minute we spent here.  The sunsets were a daily treat, the morning mist after rain a delight.  Our thanks to our hosts who made enjoying this holiday so easy.  C., L., B., and S.

Guest Comments 2011-2012

Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary here at Calboccia has been a wonderful, peaceful and restful week for all of us.  We are leaving with renewed spirit and look forward to the next thirty years together. We love the birds and their calls in the early mornings and seeing the sun set over the beautiful valley at dusk.  Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place.  P. and K. M., Seattle, Washington

We arrived at the villa with our good friends D. and A., who are celebrating twenty years of marriage.  C. and I were married in June of this year.  After a whirlwind three days in Rome and a lovely night in Sorrento, this villa was just what we needed.  When we arrived, we had the opportunity to meet our hosts, who were getting ready for their own vacation.  The fire was burning, and Stefania cooked a wonderful meal for us.  Monday we spent at Assisi, very spiritual.  When we got home, we used the outdoor oven to make our own pizza.  Tuesday, we had a cooking lesson with “Umbriacooks40.” Tita and Nonie were so friendly. They made us feel very comfortable and we had so much fun.  We made many different dishes and then sat down and enjoyed the fruits of our labor.  Wednesday, we went to Siena,  The ride through Umbria and Tuscany was breathtaking. Siena was a beautiful town, where we got so much shopping done. We also visited the Duomo. Came back to the villa, where D. cooked us up a pasta dish with sausage and porcini mushrooms.  On the way up the dirt road this evening, we spotted a rabbit and a fox.  Thursday was a rainy day, so we sat in front of the fire for a good part of the day.  We had dinner at Fattoria Lucchetti just down the road. We had an amazing meal for a reasonable price.  Sadly, Friday finds us on our way to Rome for one more night before we return home.  This has been an amazing trip and we some day hope to come back again.  Thank you for your hospitality.  C., A., C., and D.

Nonna (V.) and clan – total 9 – spent two weeks in this comfortable and beautiful house, Sotto and Sopra, and cooked and ate and wondered and the changing magical views – hiked and made trips to Gubbio, Florence, Perugia, Cortona, and other small towns.  We loved the well-equipped kitchen, the brick oven and the well-appointed rooms.  Thank you, Christine and Terry, for your hospitality and wonderful stories and the trip to the alpaca farm.  It was, indeed, the perfect way to celebrate my 80th birthday by retracing my Gubbian fathers beginnings with all my grandchildren. A piu tarde, V.

What a lovely time we had at Calboccia. F.

Twenty-eight glorious days in Calboccia. We spent only three nights away because the place, the view and the food we could make were all so delightful.  Special surprise to be able to use the pizza oven!  (one unmitigated disaster and two triumphs!) We were fortunate to share the space with Christine, Terry, Ingrid and Julian and felt truly we came to their home.  We learned to shop at the COOP and enjoyed farmers’ market days in different towns throughout Umbria.  We could write pages about our experiences and wish we could share a few of the over 500 pictures we took!  Some highlights:  Dinner with Marsha at La Chiusa, dinner at Calagrana, picnic with locals at Bastia Creti, medieval celebration in Montefalco, lunch (two times) at the Locanda Loggietto in Cortona, a spa day at the Park Hotel Cappuccini in Gubbio, wine tasting at Arraldo Caprai, visiting Sant’ Antimo and Bevagna, staying in Montefalco on a whim.  Highlight of all: breakfast every morning on the terrace and watching twenty of twenty-eight sunsets from here! Can’t wait to return next year!! C. and J. (drawn picture of the view from the terrace) We love Sotto patio and views truly nothing better in Italy!

Drove up from Rome via Assisi side trip (wow!) – loved that.  The side roads of the A1 very much worth the longer and slower drive – got to see the real Italy.  Just a taste of some prompts, the need for another trip!  Loved every minute and Calboccia is exactly what I needed – cannot think of a better way to relax, a true vacation and experience the real flavors of Umbria.  Christine, you are the most wonderful host and  just adds the  personal attention that warms the heart.  Thank you. G., Metamora, Michigan; M., McLean Lake, Mich. USA thanks to J. and P. B. for inviting us to share this piece of heaven.

It is amazing to spend one whole month at Calboccia, and I have been lucky enough to have been here twice.  Once for a month in 1997, and now again in 2012.  I could never forget this wonderful place and am thankful to Christine and Terry for sharing it with J. and me.  Christine, you and Toby (Christine and Terry’s dog)  have been so generous to share your hikes thru the countryside with us.  We appreciate it so much.  You have shared this treasure of a place with two people from Michigan.  It was a wonderful birthday gift from my wonderful husband, who doesn’t always share my excitement for hiking or exotic foods, but Italian wine is another story. This place has the best sunsets ever.  We will miss it.  Xo, P. and J.

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