Cooking courses

Our very good friends, the Rener Family have organized cooking classes at their local restaurant, La Chiusa. Calboccia guests have been enjoying Dada and Masha’s wonderful cooking for many years. La Chiusa has been written up to critical acclaim in many guidebooks, and an article was written about this outstanding restaurant in the magazine Metropolitan Home.

Cooking classes led by our friend and neighbor, Masha Rener, at La Chiusa

More than three decades ago the Rener family began an organic farm and restaurant. This is now a forty acre working farm, on which they raise organic fruits and vegetables, as well as organically raised chickens, geese, and sheep. They use no chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or weed killers. Food is grown naturally, in a healthy environment.

The menu at La Chiusa changes with the seasons, and, depending on the seasons, so do the dishes taught at La Chuisa. In the fall, for example, you are likely to learn how to make tortellini, filled with freshly picked wild mushrooms, in a chestnut sauce. The breads are legendary, and students in her class are likely to learn how to make the cheese bread, which is baked in their wood fired oven. A typical meal at La Chiusa might be a starter of a mixture of beans and gnocchi in a tomato sauce, accompanied wine and bread. This might be followed by homegrown Tuscan-style braised lamb, with olive oil and herbs, served with grilled leeks and fresh peas from the garden. The dessert may be made with cherries, picked just an hour before dinner. All homemade and organically grown, of course.

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