Guest Comments 1994-1996


“Hal and I are having a hard time returning to reality. It was difficult enough to leave your mountain top, but returning to San Francisco this week makes the three weeks seem more like a dream. It was by far our most enjoyable vacation. Our only way of dealing with the return is to immediately plan next year. Can you send me the list of available weeks so I can get our reservations in to you?…Sincerely,…”

“We had a wonderful time at Calboccia and took some great photos while we were there. Let us know if you want a few more. The setting was lovely and we enjoyed seeing Gubbio, Cortona, Spoleto, Montepulciano, and Pienza. We loved the drives past Castel Rigone and Preggio to Lake Trasimeno. Thanks again for letting us share your beautiful home.”
J. and B. R.

“Forgive me for not writing sooner to thank you for sharing Calboccia with me and my friends. We had a remarkable stay – the experience was everything we hoped it would be and more. Although we were anxious to explore the many sights that Umbria had to offer, we found it difficult each morning to leave the beauty and the tranquility of the house behind. Chris, Bill, and I share very fond memories of our time in your beautiful home. I hope to have the opportunity to visit again in the future. PS. Best wishes to Sestilio – you have a very warm and funny friend in him.”

“Our stay in your Italian home was more than we had anticipated…We had such a wonderful rest– enjoying views, writing, music and books. It was a great vacation. Sincerely,…”


“Best wishes for a joyous Christmas. We are still savoring our Umbrian holiday. Hope you and your family have a wonderful 1996.”
F. and J. H.

“We are over jet-lag and getting settled in after our 7 weeks in Italy. We had a really delightful time–especially our 4 weeks at Calboccia. Sestilio was a true gem. He really is a perfect person to act as your agent there. His English is superb and he really tries to help and comfort. Umbertide was wonderful, especially Capponi and Colletti (for gelato and coffee). Market day on Wednesday was great fun. All in all, we loved Cortona, Corciano, Preggio, in addition to all the other more famous places like Todi, Gubbio, Orvieto, Perugia, Assisi, etc. Thanks again! We loved it!”
F. and J. H.

“Brian and I still wistfully talk about our lovely time at Calboccia. Hopefully we can take the children there some time next fall or spring. Take care.”

“Tutti va tante bene! We are having a great time in your beautiful home. Tonight we are going to La Chiusa with Sestilio and Charlotte. My children are off to Venice tomorrow with the bambini while grandpa relaxes home here. I look forward to talking with you upon my return, but I am in no hurry to leave. Adio …”

“Had a wonderful stay at Calboccia the last two weeks sharing your home with our friends, the Bergers. Sestilio was extremely helpful and available. We will recommend Calboccia to our friends. Sincerely,…” B.M.

“We think of Calboccia and our Italy trip daily. Our refrigerator is plastered with pictures! Some day we hope to return (we did throw our coins in the Trevi Fountain). Thanks again for making our trip such a pleasure. Your friends, …”
B. and E.

“Ciao! Enjoying Calboccia. The weather is great. We are visiting lots of hill towns. Met an Australian couple at mass on Sunday staying at Bastia who introduced us to Ms. Worth at La Chiusa. Sestilio has been wonderful. Believe it or not, they are actually delivering the Herald Tribune to our door, erratically, but nevertheless, here! Love, …”
J. and R. H.

“MEMORIES OF Calboccia. Cat who liked spaghetti … Always a serene place, especially at sunset … Lounging on the terrace at any hour … Best view of the Niccone Valley … Only place from which to watch nature’s sound and light show … Chianti is forsaken for Rubesco … Claire’s wish to rent an Italian home has been fulfilled … Instantaneous quiet abounds … Always will remember this enrapture.”


“We had such a wonderful time at Calboccia and it was made even nicer by meeting all of you there. I hope you’re enjoying your last week. Best regards, …” W. and H. T.

“We had a wonderful stay at Calboccia. It is so beautiful. Everything was in order and Sestilio is a terrific resource. I’ve passed on your name to lots of friends. I hope you’re in Italy often. What a respite! Many thanks.” G. S.

“We have such good memories of our stay at Calboccia and I am so glad that we had this family get-together … I am so thankful we had that trip. ..Best wishes,…”
P. and V. T.

“There are so many times we wanted to write or call and tell you how much we loved our stay at your house …. Several friends have called to inquire about your house for this summer but it seems it is mostly booked. Some day we’d love to return. Have a healthy and happy new year. Fondly,”
D. and J. T.

“Thank you so much! All of us had a wonderful time during our stay at your home in Umbria …. Thank you again. Hope we can come back there again.”
C. and W.

“I just wanted to say hello and that I think of Calboccia often and WISH I were in the middle of planning another trip there for this summer … When you go there this summer, please give our best to Sestilio and his family- what wonderful people. Fondly,…”

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