The Property

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Calboccia sits on 3 acres of land, nestled within hundreds of acres of oak, elm, chestnut and maple forest.  Because of agricultural zoning laws, no one can build new buildings on this land.  We welcome local hunters, berry pickers, and mushroom foragers to cross our land, as they have for centuries.

Our 40 olive trees have begun to give good fruit – if you come in November, feel free to join in the harvest! We have also recently added over 20 apricot, apple, plum, pear, persimmon, quince, walnut, elderberry, and cherry trees to augment our already prolific cherry tree (mid June).

The lawns and little forest are great places to play croquet, frisbee or football, and the two hammocks and several patios are perfect quiet places to read or take a post-hill town nap.  We have quite a selection of English and German books at Calboccia, please kindly leave them at Calboccia, or return them when you are through.

Outdoor cooking is also a joy at Calboccia.  We have one 200 year old bread oven (big enough to fit a roasting pig), a wood-fired grill made by our friend, and a smaller earth oven for baking pizzas, meats, tarts, and cookies.  Local wild mint, thyme, elderberries, cherries, bay laurel, and nettle often make their way into dinners and desserts at Calboccia.

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