The Wettest May Ever!

Waking up in the morning to the sound of the spring flowing its way down the seven levels of the old, defunct sheep “bevatoio” in the backyard is a new experience at Calboccia. It has been an unusually rainy May, and farmers and town folk are tired of so much rain. The farmers, because their crops – wheat, sunflowers, corn, vegetables, fruit trees, grapes, and – yes: still – tobacco are at risk; the town folk, because they are fully prepared to don their summer clothes at the farmers’ market on Wednesday mornings. But, but, but … Everything is so green and lush! Vivid thunder clouds and rainbows! Frogs and toads making merry noisily in the small forest ponds! Hoopoes, pheasants, and hawks feasting on forest and olive-grove fare … a multi-media experience!

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As a part-time community-college instructor, I have a double life: working and living a wonderful life in the U.S. 's best town ever (Berkeley); and living and working in the wonderful Umbrian countryside whenever I can. Husband Terry and daughters Ingrid and Nina play along.
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