Three Oddities: Thousands of Birds, a Summer Truffle in March, and a Red Mushroom

More winter experiences:

One late afternoon in February, my attention was drawn away from preparing dinner to the sound of many bird wings outside.  When I emerged out of the house to the front terrace,  I realized that many thousands of starlings had descended on Calboccia.  It was quite a sight!Image

The picture above only shows the few starlings that stopped in the trees, but many, many more were up in the air, the sound of their wings resembling a storm!

I have found black summer truffles at Calboccia, but never in March! Image

And finally, while raking leaves under our big oak tree, near the same spot where the truffle fell into my hands, I discovered a tiny, bright-red mushroom.  What a brilliant little treasure!Image


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As a part-time community-college instructor, I have a double life: working and living a wonderful life in the U.S. 's best town ever (Berkeley); and living and working in the wonderful Umbrian countryside whenever I can. Husband Terry and daughters Ingrid and Nina play along.
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