Winter 2014: Planting and Pruning


This winter has been extraordinary:  I have not seen so much water come down our little Monte Calboccia!    Yes, there was lots of rain until early March, so much so that the Niccone River, which is usually hardly more than a stream along the Niccone Valley, flooded a couple of fields.  The Tiber River, too, was fairly close to doing the same, but didn’t – per fortuna!   Now it’s mid March, and nature has calmed down.  February and March are the months to prune our olive trees, fruit trees  and roses at Calboccia, and we did with gusto. 



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As a part-time community-college instructor, I have a double life: working and living a wonderful life in the U.S. 's best town ever (Berkeley); and living and working in the wonderful Umbrian countryside whenever I can. Husband Terry and daughters Ingrid and Nina play along.
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